genetic engineering

Genetic engineering is the technological marvel of the modern age beyond doubt. It is the manipulation of genetic material and successful transference of the genetic materials between several types of organisms to make genetically-modified or transgenic organisms with modified traits. The efficient use of genetic engineering is really helpful for advancing and developing traditional fields of agriculture and medicine at this time. It also plays a main role in modern fields, especially biotechnology. This is worthwhile to start your step for navigating genetics through Orthodox Jewish teachings when you follow Judaism. If you know the benefits and drawbacks of genetic engineering, then you can make a good decision about how to reap benefits from this extraordinary sector hereafter.

Real benefits of genetic engineering

The new medical procedures and medicines are the real benefits of genetic engineering in this decade to save and extend the lives of humans, cure and prevent dangerous diseases, and repair complete cellular damage. In the agriculture sector, genetic engineering is really helpful especially for a great and efficient agricultural production to feed a maximum number of people while consuming less number of pesticides regardless of the level of adverse conditions. Many resources are designed for unveiling Orthodox Jewish beliefs on hereditary traits at this time. You can focus on the basics of genetic engineering at first and spend enough time exploring the impact of genetic engineering on hereditary traits.

genetic materials

Proponents of modern genetic engineering reveal the benefits of the creation of genetically modified organisms to improve the overall quality of the environment using the cleanup of oil spills and toxic wastes. However, there are some potential risks of using genetic engineering. For example, genetic engineering may end in the creation of new disease organisms that cannot be resisted by the natural elements and cured by available medicines. New food substances created using genetic engineering may cause allergic or toxic reactions. They also cause irreversible damage to the environment and natural ecosystems.

The Orthodox Jewish thought on genetic engineering

There are different approaches to getting the most expected insights into Orthodox Jewish thought on genetic inheritance today. You have to understand how genetic engineering fits in with the best Jewish perspective on the natural world and humans at first. This is because we learned recently about how to circumvent the overall natural laws for manipulating and transferring genetic materials between different types of species. You can consult with your Jewish educators about Jewish laws relevant to genetic engineering and make a well-informed decision to use this modern technology.