Cookies are a common feature used by websites, including ours. These small pieces of data are stored on your computer’s hard drive or memory to enhance your browsing experience. At AOJS, we utilize cookies primarily for analytical and functional purposes, without saving personally identifiable information (PII).

The main objectives of cookies on our websites include understanding visitor patterns, distinguishing between new and returning users, and ensuring that users do not participate in surveys or polls multiple times during their session. Additionally, cookies may be employed to facilitate the login process, such as remembering passwords for quicker access.

It’s important to note that sponsors who advertise on AOJS or its publications may utilize cookies through third-party advertising companies. These cookies are managed independently, and AOJS does not have access to their contents.

While most web browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, you have the option to adjust your browser settings to reject all cookies or receive alerts when a cookie is being sent. However, disabling cookies may limit your access to certain features on our websites.