AOJS is dedicated to advancing the intersection of science, medicine, and halacha within the Orthodox Jewish community. Our commitment encompasses various initiatives aimed at education, guidance, and fostering a deeper understanding of contemporary issues.

At the heart of AOJS lies a dedication to serving the needs of Orthodox Jews navigating the complexities of modern scientific advancements. This commitment is exemplified through our ongoing efforts, which include organizing major events that draw significant participation, addressing individual inquiries on matters of practical halacha in science and medicine, and publishing insightful articles and essays tailored to resonate with the Jewish community.

However, beyond our activities and programs, AOJS recognizes that its true essence lies in its members – individuals like you who share a passion for exploring the intricate intersections between science, medicine, and halacha. It is the collective wisdom, dedication, and expertise of our thinkers that drive the mission of AOJS forward.

Our Mission:

  1. Education and Guidance:
    • Assist individuals and institutions in navigating practical challenges encountered by Orthodox Jews in scientific pursuits.
    • Support the educational ideal of integrating Jewish and secular studies to foster a holistic understanding of the world.
  2. Ideology:
    • Explore the relevance of scientific methods and knowledge in strengthening Torah ideology.
    • Address ideological conflicts between scientific theories and Orthodox Judaism.
  3. Halacha:
    • Provide consulting services to Rabbinical authorities on the implications of technological advancements for Jewish religious law.

Services Provided:

  1. Directory of Orthodox Jewish Physicians and Dentists:
    • AOJS publishes a comprehensive directory to facilitate access to healthcare professionals within the Orthodox Jewish community.
  2. Shomer Shabbat Residency Compilation:
    • We maintain a list of all Shomer Shabbat residencies in the United States to assist individuals in making informed decisions.
  3. Symposiums, Lecture Series, and Conferences:
    • AOJS organizes public events addressing issues at the intersection of science and halacha, providing educational opportunities for the community.
  4. Networking and Support:
    • We offer a supportive environment for Orthodox Jewish scientists and educated laypeople to connect, share ideas, and collaborate.
  5. Consultation Services:
    • AOJS members are available to consult with Rabbonim to provide guidance on halachic matters related to science and technology.