Intercom Quarterly
Practical Medical Halacha

A quarterly newsletter including articles written by AOJS members and non-members on any topic of their choice in the halacha/science interface (approximately 4 articles per issue). Articles are submitted on a volunteer basis. A call for articles is publicized prior to each issue. Comments on previous articles are also included in subsequent issues. Special Editions are as well circulated, corresponding to and summarizing different annual AOJS events. Currently, our Intercom Quarterly editors are Yossi Bennett and Chaya Wajngurt-Levy, Ph.D.

Originally, a monthly, formal responsum to a halachic question of interest to our members edited and circulated by Dr. Fred Rosner and Rabbi Dr. Moshe D. Tendler. Initiated by the Rephael Society- Mental-Dental Section of AOJS, presently, Halacha Bulletin is being circulated on a quarterly basis and is based on teachings from the Nishmat Avraham by Dr. Abraham S. Abraham. Currently, our Practical Medical Halacha director is Robert Schulman, M.D.




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