Original Letter of Formation


December 17, 1947

A number of us have concluded that the time is ripe - especially in view of the imminence of a Jewish State - to form an organization of scientists who have a traditional Jewish point of view. By such an association we hope to strengthen the fourfold bond between ourselves, science, Jewish tradition, and the Jewish nation.

Certain suggestions along which the group may proceed have been noted as follows:

  1. By means of lectures and mutual interchange of ideas to clarify the bond between science and Jewish traditions including specific problems in halacha.

  2. By mutual aid to simplify difficulties in upholding Shabbos in universities and industries.

  3. To assist Orthodox youth to specialize in science.

  4. To obtain information on scientific endeavor in Eretz Israel and on how we can be of assistance there.

You can help put these ideas plus any others that you may have into concrete shape by coming to the first meeting of the group. This will take place, IY"H:


Sunday, December 28th, 1947…7:30 P.M.

In the home of


181 E. 93rd Street, New York, N.Y.


Kindly spread this information to your friends who may have an interest in this group and invite them along.


We think you will enjoy the Chavershaft in a group that will have the greatest known density of Orthodox Jewish scientists.


John Rosenblum

Elmer L. Offenbacher

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