Volume XXVII, Issue 2


Please Do Not Color My Religion Green

Sam Juni, PhD  (page 2)


Do We Really Watch Our Health

Ruth Benjamin, PhD  (page 4)


The Holy Act

Moshe Kuhr, MD  (page 13)


Update from the Executive Director

Rabbi Yossi Bennett, MS  (page 18)

Volume XXVII, Issue 3


From the President's Desk

Allen J. Bennett, MD  (page 2)

The Ark of Environmentalism

Elliot Udell, DPM  (page 2)

Is Managed Care Unethical?

Daniel Eisenberg, MD  (page 3)

We Can BReathe More Freely Now

Ruth Benjamin, PhD  (page 6)

Effective Caregiving for the Terminally Ill

Daniel Kaplin, MA  (page 9)


Volume XXVIII, Issue 1


From the President's Desk

Allen J. Bennett, MD  (page 2)

A Definition of Holiness:

Kedusha & the Scientific Method

Nissan Hershkowitz, DDS  (page 2)

A Jewish Response to the Potential Swine Flu Pandemic

Daniel Eisenberg, MD  (page 3)

The Logic Bubble & the Objective Truth Seeker:

How to Analyze Beliefs

Zev Greenblett  (page 7)

Letter to the Editor

Chaya Wajngurt-Levy, PhD  (page 11)