AOJS continues its important work which includes planning major events which attract numerous participants, responding to individual inquiries on issues of practical halacha related to science and medicine and publishing articles and essays related to science and medicine, allowing them to successfully reach the Jewish community. In the end, though, the heart of AOJS is not the schedule or the programs; it is the thinkers – like you – who are committed to exploring contemporary scientific developments and dilemmas from a halachic perspective.

Our Mission

The specific aims of the Association include:

Education and Guidance

  • Assist individuals and institutions in finding solutions to practical problems encountered by Orthodox Jews and their children in the study or practice of scientific pursuits.

  • Support for the educational ideal of a true synthesis of Jewish and secular studies.


  • Study of the applicability of scientific method and knowledge to the strengthening of Torah ideology.

  • Contribute to the solution of ideological problems relating to the apparent points of conflict between scientific theory and Orthodox Judaism.


  • Provision of consulting services to Rabbinical authorities concerned with the implications of technological developments for the Jewish religious law.​



  • AOJS publishes a directory of Orthodox Jewish physicians and dentists available to the public.

  • Compilation list of all Shomer Shabbat Residencies in the United States.

  • Organization of symposiums, lecture series and conferences open to the public addressing issues that arise in the science/halacha interface and educating the public as to how to deal with them.

  • We provide a meeting place, a networking forum, a safe haven for all orthodox Jewish scientists and educated lay people.

  • AOJS members are available for consultation with Rabbonim to assist in any way they can regarding finding p'sak in an area related to science and/or technology.

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