Benefits of Membership


Annual subscription to all AOJS publications, including:

  • Intercom Quarterly

  • Halacha Bulletin - Practical Medical Halacha


Consultation with other professionals in your discipline, locally and nationally.


Consultation with experts on scientific-halachic issues and challenges.


Professional conferences for orthodox physicians, psychotherapists, dentists, nurses, other scientists and educated Orthodox lay people.


Opportunity to disseminate ideas to other professionals through vehicles such as:

  • Written publications (see above)

  • AOJS e-mail list

  • Speaking and networking at conferences, conventions, symposiums, etc.


Receive synopses of all lectures and programs on a regular basis.


Receive updated CDTorah Brochures listing all AOJS programs and Lectures available on audio tape and compact disk.


The Orthodox Jewish scientist working through the AOJS acquires the reputation of being a major source of reliable scientific information for the Torah community all over the world, and is recognized as having made important contributions in very practical ways to the development of the halacha.

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